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This is the Subject line…

And here is the body.

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  1. Bruce D. Jones says:

    I’m an old associate from your “Philly Joe” days(“Thug#5”).It’s a blessing to see you happy & successful.
    As I reminisce w/my Family about the “Bad ol’80S”, my son doesn’t believe I was in a movie.Just a curiosity:is there video of “Raiders Lost in the Dark” available anywhere:YouTube…..Vimeo…..DailyMotion, etc.?
    And whatever became of the Golden Commode?!?
    Regardless, I wish you goodwill & God’s Blessings.
    –Bruce D. Jones–
    (Clementon, NJ)

    • BJLG says:

      I only just found this comment, as I’m still struggling with maintaining this website with any regularity. I am far more active on a daily basis on Facebook and Twitter.
      I and my wife Judy are doing great! We bought a home in Drexel Hill, and love it here. My father passed five years ago, and we just lost my mom this past January.
      Judy and I also converted to Eastern Christian Orthodoxy two years ago, following a ten-year journey of research and discovery of this most ancient expression of the Christian faith.

      Alas, I’ve yet to digitize RAIDERS, so no version of it exists beyond the physical film. I still hope to do so, and then digitally edit whenever finances make it feasible. :)

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